How To Keep Cigars Fresh Without A Humidor?

Are you a cigar lover but don’t have a humidor to keep your cigars fresh? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many cigar enthusiasts face the same problem. But what if we told you that there are ways to keep your cigars fresh without a humidor?

In this article, we’ll explore some of the best ways to store your cigars without a humidor. Whether you’re on a tight budget or simply don’t have space for a humidor, these tips will help you keep your cigars fresh and flavorful for as long as possible. So, let’s get started!

What is a humidor?

A humidor is a device used to store cigars and other tobacco products in order to maintain their freshness and flavor. It works by controlling the relative humidity inside, which should ideally be kept between 65-72%. This allows the cigars to remain flavorful, as too little or too much humidity can cause them to dry out or become moldy. Humidors come in all shapes and sizes, from small travel cases for a few cigars to large cabinets for thousands of cigars.

How to keep cigars fresh without a humidor:

  1. Plastic Bags with Humidifier Packs – This is one of the simplest and most affordable methods for keeping cigars fresh. All you need is a resealable plastic bag, such as a Ziploc, and some humidity packs. Place your cigars in the bag and add two or three humidity packs depending on its size. This will help keep the cigars fresh for up to a month.
  2. Tupperware Containers with Humidity Pack – This is a great option if you want to store your cigars for longer periods of time. Use an airtight Tupperware container and add a humidity pack or two, depending on its size. This will help keep your cigars fresh for up to six months.
  3. Cigar Caddy Travel Cases – If you ‘re looking for a portable way to keep your cigars fresh, then a cigar caddy is the perfect solution. These are specially designed cases that have built-in humidifiers and can hold up to 20-25 cigars. They are ideal for taking your cigars on the go and will help keep them fresh for up to two weeks.
  4. Refrigerator – This isn’t the best option, but it’s often used as a last resort. Place your cigars in an airtight container or plastic bag and store them in the vegetable drawer of your refrigerator. This will help keep them fresh for up to two months. However, it’s important to note that this method can alter the flavor of your cigars, so use it sparingly.

Why is it important to keep cigars fresh?

It is important to keep cigars fresh because it helps maintain the flavor and quality of the cigar. Cigars are a delicate product that need to be stored properly in order to preserve their taste and aroma. If cigars are not kept at the right humidity level, they can become dry, brittle, and tasteless.

Additionally, if cigars are too moist, they can become moldy or even rot. By keeping your cigars in a humidor or using other methods to keep them fresh, you can ensure that they will stay flavorful and enjoyable for years to come.

Understanding the Requirements for Storing Cigars

Humidity Levels

Humidity is a key factor in preserving the flavor, aroma, and quality of cigars. In order to keep cigars fresh, they should be stored at a humidity level of 65-72%. This allows the tobacco to remain moist and flavorful. Any lower than 65% will cause the cigars to dry out and become brittle, while any higher than 72% can lead to mold or even rot. It is important to monitor the relative humidity of your storage area on a regular basis to ensure that your cigars are being kept in optimal conditions.


In addition to humidity, the temperature of your cigars should also be taken into consideration. The ideal temperature for storing cigars is between 68-70°F (20-21°C). This helps keep the cigars from becoming too dry or too moist. If you notice that the temperature of your storage area fluctuates significantly, then you may need to look into investing in a humidor with a built-in thermostat.


Ventilation is also an important factor when it comes to storing cigars. Cigars should be stored in a well-ventilated area so that the humidity and temperature levels remain balanced. If the area is not properly ventilated, then stale air can build up and cause mold or rot to form on your cigars. It is best to keep them in an area with good airflow or use a cigar caddy with built-in vents to help keep them fresh.

Light Exposure

Light exposure is another factor to consider when storing cigars. Cigars should be kept away from direct sunlight or strong artificial light sources such as halogens or fluorescent bulbs. This can cause the wrappers of the cigars to become brittle and discolored, and can even cause the tobacco within the cigar to become dry and flavorless. If you are unable to store your cigars in a dark area, then make sure that they are placed in a box or container that will protect them from the light.

Period of Time Needed for Storage

The period of time needed to store cigars depends on the quality and age of the cigars. Typically, cigars should be stored for at least 2-3 months in order to ensure that they have had ample time to rest and develop their flavor.

If possible, it is best to store them for 6 months or longer as this will allow the fullest flavor and aroma of your cigars to develop. Of course, the longer you store them, the more time they will need to rest before they are ready to be enjoyed.


Keeping cigars fresh and flavorful is an important part of enjoying their unique taste and aroma. By understanding the requirements for storing cigars – including humidity, temperature, ventilation, light exposure and time needed for storage – you can ensure that your cigars remain fresh and enjoyable.

Most importantly, if you do not have access to a humidor, there are still ways to keep your cigars fresh without one such as using an airtight container or plastic bag. By following these simple steps, you can enjoy your favorite cigars for years to come.


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