Cigar Sizes Explained

If you have walked out empty-handed from a tobacco shop because you were confused with the so many options of Cigars to buy, do not be upset as you are not the only one! Those who are new to the world of cigars, in most cases, end up leaving the tobacco shop or a walk-in humidor without making their first purchase. However, if you truly want to become an avid cigar smoker, you have to first understand cigar sizes, lengths and ring gauges properly. With the new-found insight, you will be able to select a cigar type that will suit your personality. As knowing about cigar size is important to make a successful first purchase, CIGAR SIZES EXPLAINED and dissected next for your better first cigar shopping experience. So, read on to know more.


Next are the three factors you need to know about in order to differentiate one cigar type from another:

* Length

Foot to cap of the cigar (end to head) is considered for determining the length of the cigar. The length is measured in inches. The length of an average cigar will be somewhere between 4 inches to 8 inches.

* Ring Gauges

If you are interested in knowing the thickness of the cigar then take into consideration the ring gauge of the cigar in question. 64th of an inch is used for measuring the cigar’s ring gauge or thickness. It is represented as X/64; here X represents the measurement of the thickness. The ring gauge of an average cigar will be between 28-54/64ths in diameter.

* Size

The size of a cigar represents two things; and they are Ring Gauge and Length of the cigar.

According to experts, due to lack of standardization with this industry, the sizing of the cigar is hard to comprehend. You can have any mix or combination of cigar from thickness/thin and short/tall. The industry has categorized the different sizes of cigar available.


The flavor and strength of a cigar depends on the kind of tobacco used in it and not the cigar size. However, understanding the size of cigar is necessary as it allows you to know how fast and hot the cigar of your choice will burn. So, with the help of the size of the cigar you can have an estimate of the smoking duration.


It was mentioned here before that the different sizes available has been categorized in form of different names. So, some must-know cigar sizes have been defined in brief next to ensure you can have a clear understanding of the different cigar sizes available for you:


This size is typically measured between 6 to 7 inches. The ring gauge of such type of cigar will be around 52 at the foot and 40 at the head.

The shape of such a cigar is characterized with cut feet and tapered cap. If you want to experience complex or bold flavors better, then choose this size. The sizing and uniqueness in its shape allows you to appreciate the flavor well.

It will take around an hour and a half to smoke this size.


This size is often known as shorter Pyramids among aficionados. Here the ring gauge is usually around 50 while the length of such sized cigar is about 5 inches.

The major difference found in Pyramids and Belicoso is that the shape of the later does not taper in ring gauge quote so much as the former. This difference impacts on the smoking duration.

The smoking duration of this size is around 45 minutes.


The cigar with this size will be thin and long. The ring gauge will definitely be 34-38. The length will be around 5 to 7 inches.

Once they were quite popular; however, currently not many first-timer smokers go for this size. If you want to switch to another size from your usual choice, then consider this.

The smoke duration of this size is about half an hour to an hour.


This size is quite popular among first-time and veteran cigar smokers. Also known as Julieta II, the ring gauge is around 47-54 and the length is around 7 inches.

It will take around an hour and a half to smoke this elegant cigar size.


The size that can top any list of cigar sizes is named as The Corona. This most recognized size has a ring gauge of 42 to 44. The length of such cigars is about 5 to 6 inches.

It is highly recommended to first timers as the shape allows for even burning and smoother smoking experience. This traditional cigar size is usually straight-shaped with rounded top.

It will take around 45 minutes to smoke this size.


It is a smaller version of The Corona having a length of around 5 inches and a ring gauge of 39 to 42.

The smoking duration is around half an hour.


This cigar size usually belongs to a standard weighty cigar. The ring gauge is around 48 to 49 and the length will be between 6 to 7 inches.

The smoking duration time of this size is around 2 hours.


Often called as Toro, this size is The Corona’s wider version. The length is 5 5/8 inches and the ring gauge is of 46-50.

The smoking duration is around an hour.


This size is stubbier than Coronas. The ring gauge is around 50 to 54 and the length is about 5 inches.

It takes around 45 minutes to an hour to smoke this size.


This size is wider than Panetela and longer than Coronas. They are usually 6 inches in length and have a ring gauge of 42.

It takes around 45 minutes to smoke this size.


Now that cigar sizes have been explained properly, all that is left to do is learning more about the different sizes available. Use the information provided in this crash course cum guide of cigar sizes to have the knowledge and confidence to make a successful first purchase. Just compare your choices to see what the cigars are offering at what smoke duration period and price. You will easily be able to pick the right cigar for you.

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